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Fangirl Challenge: [32/40] Romantic Relationships » Emily Fields and Alison Dilaurentis
"It’s good to see you, Emily. I think I missed you the most. I never told you this, but you were always my favorite. Nobody loved me as much as you did.”

Ashley Benson Coachella 2014,Day 3

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Hanna Marin in season 4 [part 1/2]


Shay Mitchell on playing a lesbian character

ha <3 

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Best of PLL - Spanna (2x14)


PLL Rewatch - 1x9: The Perfect Storm

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pretty little liars + colors

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Wait, really? You’re gonna come with me?

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A puppy Toby heartbreaking moment in 4.12

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pretty little liars + minimalist posters

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